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US-2010257114-A1: Systems and methods for consolidated global shipping patent, US-2011196565-A1: Gnss contour guidance path selection patent, US-2010247619-A1: Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Containing Riluzole And Phamaceutical Formulations Containing Said Particles patent, US-2011245304-A1: Ribonucleotide reductase inhibitors and methods of use patent, US-2011257142-A1: Method for preparing 4-[17beta-methoxy-17alpha-methoxymethyl-3-oxoestra-4,9-dien-11-beta-yl]benzaldehyde (e)-oxime (asoprisnil) patent, US-2011576-A: Method of processing motion picture films patent, US-2012064519-A1: System and method for dual-detection of a cellular response patent, US-2012069413-A1: Near-eye display with on-axis symmetry patent, US-2012077309-A1: Thermally stabilized electrode structure patent, US-2012151015-A1: Connecting devices to a media sharing service patent, US-2012208712-A1: Sirtuin 5 polymorphisms and neurological diseases patent, US-2012238852-A1: Integrated delivery device for continuous glucose sensor patent, US-2012248617-A1: MULTILAYERED LOW k CAP WITH CONFORMAL GAP FILL AND UV STABLE COMPRESSIVE STRESS PROPERTIES patent, US-2012280944-A1: Touch sensor with modular components patent, US-2012307397-A1: Magnetic head having separate protection for read transducers and write transducers patent, US-2013013205-A1: Method for representing linear features in a location content management system patent, US-2013183661-A1: Stabilized leukocytes and their use in hiv-diagnosis and therapy patent, US-2013196390-A1: Method of producing biofuel, biodiesel, and other valuable chemicals patent, US-2013273643-A1: Methods and apparatuses for predicting risk of prostate cancer and prostate gland volume patent, US-2013958-A: Game apparatus patent, US-2014010806-A1: Treatment of Ocular Diseases patent, US-2014045882-A1: Carboxamide, Sulfonamide and Amine Compounds and Methods for Using The Same patent, US-2014066326-A1: Multiphase nucleic acid amplification patent, US-2014091129-A1: Self-leveling welding tractor patent, US-2014100638-A1: Functional electrical stimulation system patent, US-2014124134-A1: Photolytically induced redox curable compositions patent, US-2014125738-A1: Liquid discharge head and recording device using same patent, US-2014166523-A1: Theft-Resistant and Senior-Friendly Packaging of Consumer Products patent, US-2014226123-A1: Casting cup assembly for forming an ophthalmic device patent, US-2014333302-A1: Low power stimulated emission nuclear quadrupole resonance detection at multiple reference power levels patent, US-2015124929-A1: X-ray anti-scatter grid patent, US-2011144305-A1: Gag binding protein patent, US-2011302835-A1: Seed labels and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2012030409-A1: Initiating wear leveling for a non-volatile memory patent, US-2012081274-A1: Thin film transistor array panel, liquid crystal display, and method to repair the same patent, US-2012146504-A1: Seal and Fixation Assembly for a Rotating Cylindrical Magnetron Electrode patent, US-2012177721-A1: Formulation patent, US-2013018134-A1: Polychloroprene compositions with improved adhesion properties patent, US-2013028842-A1: Method of treating binge eating disorder patent, US-2013079432-A1: Polyarylene compositions, methods of manufacture, and articles thereof patent, US-2013120838-A1: Hard coating film, composition for hard coating film, polarizing plate including the same, and liquid crystal display including the same patent, US-2013137031-A1: Electrophotographic toner and method for producing the same patent, US-2013140099-A1: Battery mounting apparatus for electric vehicle, battery unit transfer apparatus for electric vehicle, and method for mounting battery unit patent, US-2013280632-A1: Evaporation cycle heat exchange system for vehicle patent, US-2013344574-A1: Photobioreactor And Method For Processing Polluted Air patent, US-2014078697-A1: Arrangement System patent, US-2014161853-A1: Non-Irritating Benzoyl Peroxide patent, US-2014163079-A1: Diphosphate mimetics and uses thereof patent, US-2014185358-A1: Resistive random access memory with non-linear current-voltage relationship patent, US-2014192359-A1: Analyzers with time variation based on color-coded spatial modulation patent, US-2014273091-A1: Transcript optimized expression enhancement for high-level production of proteins and protein domains patent, US-2014286894-A1: Compositions comprising crosslinked cation-binding polymers and calcium and/or magnesium cations, and uses thereof patent, US-2015038411-A1: Relaxin for treating patients afflicted of impaired glucose tolerance patent, US-2015050711-A1: Device for manufacturing polymer fibers and uses thereof patent, US-2015070691-A1: Whisker Manufacturing, Detection, Response, and Compound Manufacturing Apparatus and Method patent, US-2010278580-A1: Cosmetic applying device patent, US-2010282292-A1: Structure and method for electrical interconnects for solar systems patent, US-2010304573-A1: Stabilized etching solutions for cu and cu/ni layers patent, US-2011060125-A1: Indolesulfonyl protecting groups for protection of guanidino and amino groups patent, US-2011075863-A1: Condenser Microphone patent, US-2011188697-A1: Flat thin dynamic speaker patent, US-2011240886-A1: Fluorometric Sensor patent, US-2011304900-A1: Acousto-optical system, microscope and method of use of the acousto-optical system patent, US-2013125668-A1: Stator assembly and torque measuring device patent, US-2012003446-A1: Nitride crystal and method for producing the same patent, US-2012019504-A1: Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same patent, US-2012097901-A1: Process for the preparation of lifepo4-carbon composites patent, US-2012121002-A1: Receiver and Signal Receiving Method Thereof patent, US-2012134822-A1: Hub for a propeller having variable pitch blades patent, US-2012145432-A1: Radiation curable resin composition for wire coating patent, US-2012150129-A1: Non-Luer Connectors patent, US-2012321974-A9: Method for controlling a fuel cell utilizing a fuel cell sensor patent, US-2013059300-A1: Insect Resistant Cotton Plants And Methods For Identifying Same patent, US-2013075011-A1: Composite multilayer seal for pem fuel cell applications and method for constructing the same patent, US-2013141891-A1: Lighting device including light-emitting element patent, US-2013272796-A1: Modular Relocatable Offshore Support Tower patent, US-2013306259-A1: Graphic medium and method of making same patent, US-2013342500-A1: Touch-sensing Display panel module and related driving method patent, US-2014118967-A1: Sensor package for touch panel and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014371963-A1: Control device of hybrid system patent, US-2014377302-A1: Immunogenic composition patent, US-2015047837-A1: Multi-Zone Single Trip Well Completion System patent, US-2015145199-A1: Paper feeding device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2011059326-A1: Composite material for electrical/electronic component, electrical/electronic component, and method for producing composite material for electrical/electronic component patent, US-2011084413-A1: Thermosetting die-bonding film patent, US-2011174634-A1: Machine and method for machining a part by micro-electrical discharge machining patent, US-2011272879-A1: Paper feeding cassette and image forming apparatus patent, US-2011275653-A1: Heterocyclic compounds and their uses patent, US-2012143125-A1: Combined Coaxial and Bimanual Irrigation/Aspiration Apparatus patent, US-2012160302-A1: Trough shaped fresnel reflector solar concentrator patent, US-2012183832-A1: High voltage modular battery with electrically-insulated cell module and interconnector peripheries patent, US-2012195719-A1: Advertising trays for security screening patent, US-2012236698-A1: Optical disk drive patent, US-2012293080-A1: Current balancing circuit patent, US-2013068674-A1: Reverse osmosis membrane separation device patent, US-2013115393-A1: Textile articles incorporating high performance composite fabric patent, US-2013118265-A1: Mems capacitive pressure sensor, operating method and manufacturing method patent, US-2013214293-A1: Micro optical device patent, US-2013289056-A1: Methods of administering an egfr inhibitor patent, US-2014029899-A1: Fiber optic connectors employing moveable optical interfaces with fiber protection features and related components and methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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