Electrical stimulation and millisecond-class ultralow temperature rapid freezing method and device thereof



The invention relates to the technical field of an electron microscope and ultralow temperature rapid freezing. The invention aims to provide a method and special equipment which aim to ensure a biological tissue to be rapidly frozen and fixed at an ultralow temperature at the moment that the biological tissue is simulated and are convenient to research the morphological change of an ultrastructure when physiological functions of the biological tissue are changed in various specific states. The equipment disclosed by the invention comprises a sample stage (3), a vertical sliding plate (5), an ultralow temperature freezing chamber (7), an infrared sensor A (9), an infrared sensor B (10), a timer (11), a programmable stimulator (14), a computer (15) and the like. The electrical stimulation and millisecond-class ultralow temperature rapid freezing method and device provided by the invention solves the problems of ensuring the morphological research to be synchronized with the moment physiological function change of the biological tissue and obtaining an ultrastructure morphological image, the ion concentration and the locus change of the biological tissue in real time; when the physiological functions of the biological tissue are changed, more realer ultrastructure information can be obtained; the physiological functions and the morphological research can be synchronously carried out on the level of the millisecond class; and the method and the special equipment have important significance for developing the subjects such as the electron microscopy, the cell ultrastructure morphology, the physiology, the pathology and the like.




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