Honeycomb structure, si-sic based composite material, method for manufacturing honeycomb structure, and method for manufacturing si-sic based composite material



A honeycomb structure 20 is provided with a partition portion 22 constituting a plurality of cells 23 serving as flow paths of a fluid. This honeycomb structure 20 includes electrode portions 32 which are disposed as parts of the partition portion 22 and which have a SiC phase, an oxide phase containing a Si oxide, an Al oxide, and an alkaline-earth metal oxide, and a metal phase containing metal Si and metal Al, where the proportion of metal Al relative to the total amount of metal Si and metal Al is 0.001 percent by mole or more and 20 percent by mole or less and a heat generation portion 34 which is a part of the partition portion 22 and which has a volume resistivity higher than that of the electrode portion 32. This honeycomb structure is obtained by forming an impregnation base material containing metal Si and metal Al and an alkaline-earth metal compound on a part of the surface of a honeycomb base material having a SiC phase and an oxide phase containing a Si oxide and impregnating metal Si and metal Al into pores of the honeycomb base material through heating in an inert gas atmosphere.




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