Water-cooling radiator of temperature difference generating module



The invention discloses a water-cooling radiator of a temperature difference generating module. The water-cooling radiator comprises a radiating shell; the radiating shell forms a sealed cavity and comprises a bottom wall, a lateral wall and an upper cover, wherein a water inlet is arranged at the middle part of the upper cover or a plurality of water outlets are uniformly distributed on the upper cover or the lateral wall by taking the water inlet as a centre, and radiating bump arrays for dispersing water stream are arranged on the bottom wall. Compared with the prior art, the water-cooling radiator has the advantages that the dispersing effect of the cooling water stream inside the radiating shell is enhanced, and the temperature of the radiating surface of the bottom wall is uniform, and in addition, a water stream channel is simplified, so that the structure of the water-cooling radiator is compact and the cost is low.




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