An arrangement having a switch, in particular having a low-voltage circuit-breaker



An arrangement having a switch, in particular having a low-voltage circuit-breaker is provided. The arrangement includes a switch (10), including main contacts for connection, the switch being insertable into a mounting rack (11) as far as a final position in which the main contacts make contact with power connections arranged on the mounting rack (11). Auxiliary contacts (1, 2), arranged on the mounting rack (11) and on the switch (10), are designed to correspond to one another and make electrical contact with one another when the switch is inserted. For small structure and arrangement insensitive to motion, the auxiliary contacts (1) on the rack are contact pins (4), and the auxiliary contacts (2) on the switch (10) are sockets (7), or vice versa, the contact pins (4) being moved into the sockets (7) beyond a movement distance from the final position during insertion of the switch (10) and remaining in electrical contact until the final position of the switch (10), and the main contacts making contact with the power connections once after the final position has been reached.




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