Method for manufacturing decorative shaped article, composition and composition set


  • Inventors: KIM YONG-JO
  • Assignees: 金龙助
  • Publication Date: November 07, 2012
  • Publication Number: CN-102767115-A


The invention relates to a manufacturing method not only to easily and practically manufacture various decorative shaped articles having multiple shapes and satisfying the requirement of a light permeability function, but also to easily and practically manufacture general natural articles, shaped articles for the learning purpose and other decorative shaped articles; to a composition which adopts biodegradable environmentally-friendly materials during the process of manufacturing the decorative shaped articles and can prevent environmental pollution when discarded; and to a decorative shaped article which comprises a composition set of the composition and is manufactured by using the composition according to the method of the invention. The composition set is a set formed by packages. 20-35 parts by weight of paper pulp, 22-35 parts by weight of polyvinyl acetate resin, 2-5 parts by weight of pigment and 40-55 parts by weight of water are packaged respectively to form the packages.




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