Plasma processing device and method



A substrate (2) is mounted on a substrate mounting surface (1a) of a substrate mounting base (1). An inductive coupling type plasma torch unit (3) is provided with a rectangular slit-shaped plasma nozzle (4), and is composed of: a cylindrical chamber (7) consisting of a cylinder (5) comprising an insulation material, and lids (6) that cover both ends of the cylinder (5); a gas nozzle (8) that supplies gas to the inside of the cylindrical chamber (7); and a solenoid coil (9) that produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field inside of the cylindrical chamber (7). By supplying high-frequency power to the solenoid coil (9) from a high-frequency power source (41), plasma (P) is generated inside of the cylindrical chamber (7) and is applied to the substrate (2) from the plasma nozzle (4). The substrate surface can be heat treated while the plasma torch unit (3) and the substrate mounting base (1) move relative to each other.




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