Lens drive device and producing method thereof



The invention aims to resolve a technical problem that a plate spring can be connected to a coil by a little heating and the damage of heat to a lens retaining component can be prevented. A producing method of a lens drive device (1) comprises the steps of installing a coil (59) at the periphery of the lens retaining component (5); arranging a magnet yoke (7) and a magnet (6) to enable a magnetic circuit to act on the coil (59) to make the lens retaining component (5) move along an optical axis. In the optical axis direction, the lens retaining component (5) is supported by a lower spring plate (4), and the end part of the coil (59) is rolled on a winding pin (57) disposed on the lens retaining component (5). Near a notch part (63) disposed on the lower spring plate (4), the end part of the coil (59) rolled on the winding pin (57) is electrically connected to the lower spring plate (4) through a soldering paste (65).




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