Integrated system with double-gate enhancement-mode HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) device



The invention relates to an integrated system with a double-gate enhancement-mode HEMT (high electron mobility transistor) device. The integrated system comprises a base and a double-gate four-terminal III-nitride enhancement-mode HEMT device which is installed on the base. The device comprises a heterostructure, and a source and a drain which are electrically connected through two-dimensional electrons in the heterostructure. The heterostructure comprises a first semiconductor which is arranged between the source and the drain, a second semiconductor which is arranged on the surface of the first semiconductor, a main gate which is arranged on the surface of the second semiconductor, a dielectric layer which is formed on the surfaces of the second semiconductor and the main gate, a top gate which is arranged on the surface of the dielectric layer, a voltage division and compensation circuit which is used for enabling the main gate and the top gate to realize synchronous signal control, and the like, wherein the voltage division and compensation circuit comprises a discrete capacitor and/or discrete resistor which are arranged in series and/or in parallel between base leading-out ends which are respectively and electrically connected with the source, the main gate and the top gate. The integrated system with the double-gate enhancement-mode HEMT device has the advantages that the current collapse effect in the enhancement-mode HEMT device can be effectively controlled and the double-gate four-terminal device can be equivalently used as a three-terminal device in the integrated system.




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