Dynamic monitoring and intelligent guide method



The invention relates to a guide processing method for monitoring business operation state and abnormal results. The method includes formulating an event-condition-action active rule of a monitoring event; constructing a dimension knowledge base, a policy knowledge base and an expert opinion knowledge base of the event; an event monitoring thread captures event signals and pre-processes the signals; an index executing thread monitors execution of indexes, and monitoring indexes are operated according to a priority level; compliance judgment is performed on operation results, if the operation results are in coincidence with the active rule, the monitoring is over; and if the operation results are not in coincidence with the active rule, early warning signals are sent to results with doubtful results; and an intelligent guide thread receives and processes early warning signals, displays transverse dimensions and longitudinal dimensions of early warning results, and calling out policy interpretations of the policy knowledge base and expert treatment opinions of the expert opinion knowledge base. A dynamic monitoring and intelligent guide method has the advantages that only a system is started, workflows are automatically completed by the system, no manual intervention is needed, and users only need to browse results.




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