Finger-type heat exchanger with triple-sleeve structure used in fluidized bed reactor for synthesizing trichlorosilane



The invention relates to a finger-type heat exchanger with a triple-sleeve structure used in a fluidized bed reactor for synthesizing trichlorosilane, which comprises a heat conduction oil inlet, an upper heat exchange tube seal head, a heat exchange tube connection flange, a plurality of finger-type triple-sleeve heat exchange tubes, and a heat conduction oil outlet, wherein each finger-type triple-sleeve heat exchange tube consists of an inner tube, a liner tube and an outer tube that are sequentially arranged from inside to outside, the upper end and the lower end of an annular interstice space between each inner tube and each liner tube are closed, and each annular interstice space is vacuumed to form a vacuum isolated layer. The heat exchanger solves the problem that oil temperature rises greatly as heat conduction oil enters the annular interstice spaces between the inner tubes and the outer tubes from the inner tubes, the temperature of a fluidized bed can be distributed uniformly, the reaction is stable, and the utilization ratio and the product purity of silicon powder are higher.




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