Transparent polyimide and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses a transparent polyimide material. The transparent polyimide material is obtained by performing condensation polymerization on a 1,4-bi(3,4-dicarboxylic phenoxy)cyclohexane dianhydride monomer and a binary primary amine monomer. Because the dianhydride monomer is in an alicyclic structure, the formation of a charge transfer complex in polyimide molecules and between molecules can be effectively suppressed, and the transparent performance of the polymer is greatly improved; and meanwhile, according to the phthalic anhydride structures at two ends, the high reactivity of the dianhydride is kept. The glass transition temperature of the polyimide film is 200 to 300 DEG C, the ultraviolet absorption cutoff wavelength is 340 to 380nm, the light transmissivity at 450nm is 70 to 90 percent, and the transparent polyimide material has good application prospect in the fields of flexible substrate materials of solar cells, flexible transparent conductive film substrate materials, liquid crystal display materials and the like. The invention also discloses a dianhydride monomer which can be used for preparing the transparent polyimide resin material.




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