Three-position status signal collection and transmission equipment integrating with wire connector



The utility model relates to a three-location state signal collecting and transmitting device, which can be integrated with a wire connector, and belongs to the technological field of single collecting and transmitting devices. The device comprises an independent module that is arranged on a static component of a power supply and distribution device, and a touch component that is arranged on the tested body of a dynamic component that is used as the power supply and distribution device; the independent module comprises a guide groove that is used as a rail for the touch component to move in and a group of switch components of the location state that are arranged in the shell. The device is characterized in that either of the top and the side of the shell is provided with a first opening; the position of the first opening is provided with the wire connector that is electrically connected with the independent module. The device has the following advantages that: because the wire connector is arranged on the shell of the independent module, the collecting device and the transmitting device of the three-location state signals can be integrated; when in use, the user can acquire electric signals of the location through the wire connector or transmit the communication signals of the location to intelligent networks through the wire connector, thus ensuring the reliable provision and transmission of the electric signals of the location and the communication signals of the location.




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